Posted on 12/13/2017

“Ending the housing affordability crisis is essential to securing Los Angeles as a place where every Angeleno — no matter their income — has an opportunity to build a life in our community. Everyone in L.A. deserves a place to come home to, and the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee is a critical investment in making that future possible for all of our families.” — Mayor Eric Garcetti

Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed into law the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee, which will help Los Angeles double its production and preservation of affordable housing, put incentives in place for more mixed-income developments, and create more than 900 good-paying jobs for Angelenos every year. After its full implementation, the fee is expected to generate $100 million for affordable housing activities. Mayor Garcetti first proposed this iteration of the linkage fee in 2015 as part of his comprehensive housing strategy, which includes tripling the production of permanent supportive housing for the homeless, strengthening the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, doubling the production and preservation of affordable housing, and permitting 100,000 units by 2021 through a robust development reform agenda.