Posted on 02/01/2018

“I am praying for the students shot today at Sal Castro Middle School, and want to express my deepest gratitude to the faculty and first responders whose quick, courageous action prevented this tragedy from becoming far worse. Parents should feel absolutely safe bringing their kids to schools in Los Angeles tomorrow, and my Crisis Response Team is on hand to help students and their families cope with this unthinkable trauma.

We should all be beyond outraged by the terror that a needless proliferation of guns can bring into our children’s lives without warning or cause. Their safety is one of the reasons that I signed a law requiring that handguns be locked up or disabled with a trigger lock when not in use, and we are working harder than ever to get firearms off the streets of our city — but our country has to move away from wondering what it will take to end the epidemic of gun violence, and toward real action to free communities from the fear and sorrow that it causes in cities across America.” — Mayor Eric Garcetti