Racial Equity & Executive Directive 27

In June 2020, Mayor Garcetti called for the City government to redouble its efforts to promote equity, beginning with our own government. The Mayor signed an Executive Directive to promote racial equity in City departments and to study whether there are disparate impacts in City hiring, promotion, and contracting. He also named Deputy Mayor Brenda Shockley as the City’s first Chief Equity Officer to help lead, coordinate, and drive these efforts.

Executive Directive (ED) 27 instructs City departments to appoint Racial Equity Officers, develop Racial Equity Action Plans, and to create contingency plans for affirmative action programs across all functions, including, but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, training and procurement policies. The issuance of ED 27 was an important step to ensure that racial justice is a core value that informs the City's governance. 

Departments were asked to provide Racial Equity Action Plans with actionable and measurable goals in three areas of focus to help the City realize its Racial Equity Vision:

City Workforce: Provide access and opportunity for more workers from communities of color through recruitment, selection, and assignments to ensure racial equity in job roles that exist at all levels of government.

City Operations: Promote racial equity in all operational aspects of government, including contracting and volunteer opportunities, and strive to make opportunities equitably available and accessible.

City Services: Create and update City services and programs to ensure access and opportunity for all residents.