Posted on 04/29/2016

Mayor Eric Garcetti today signed a landmark Executive Directive to restore core city services and create long-awaited job opportunities for L.A.’s most under-served communities, as his administration prepares to hire thousands of new employees.

Executive Directive #15 was developed with a Back to Basics approach to strategically restore critical City services. The directive builds upon a historic labor agreement the Mayor signed in partnership with the City Council and the Coalition of Los Angeles City Unions this past March, which included long-term savings of more than $16 million for the City's budget, and a goal of hiring more than 5,000 new civilian employees over the next three years. The directive will also ensure that all Angelenos have equitable access to good paying city jobs.

“With 46 percent of our City workers eligible to retire by 2018, L.A. has an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the way we deliver services to meet the 21st century demands of our residents," said Mayor Garcetti. "Today we start that transformation. As the third-largest employer in our County, we are prioritizing local hiring —  to ensure that every qualified Angeleno has an equal opportunity to apply for full-time city jobs. Everyone deserves a chance at success.” 

The Mayor is instructing all City departments to analyze the services they deliver and account for their specific personnel, technology, and process improvement needs. The directive also calls for all department heads to submit a strategic plan to deploy those resources as effectively as possible. This process ensures that departments are not merely filling vacancies, but using the hiring process as an opportunity to maximize investments and make services more efficient for Angelenos.

"It's critical for the City to take this step so that we can continue to fill potholes, trim trees, resurface streets, and fix sidewalks in the decades to come," said City Councilmember Paul Krekorian, chair of the Budget and Finance and Job Creation committees. "Under Mayor Garcetti's leadership, Los Angeles is preparing its next generation of public servants and extending career opportunities to Angelenos who might otherwise get left behind."

"This Executive Directive is a wonderful example of labor working with management,” said Councilmember Paul Koretz. “I have seen the diligence and mutual respect on the part of all parties involved, working together to come up with an optimum city workforce for today through to the future -- one that is best capable of serving Angelenos while ensuring opportunity and prosperity for so many of our current and future employees. Mayor Garcetti's Executive Directive is a fine mix of the practical and the visionary, which are the best ingredients to achieve a recipe for future success."

Mayor Garcetti is also calling on departments to bring jobs where they are needed most. The directive instructs departments to prioritize L.A.’s most underemployed communities — including veterans, the formerly incarcerated and disconnected youth. 


Last year, to ensure the success of that effort, the City launched the Workforce Restoration Working Group. The Working Group includes the Mayor’s Office, the City Council including the Council President’s Office, and representatives from Labor and various City agencies.To spearhead this effort, Mayor Garcetti tapped former Los Angeles City Councilmember and State Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg.

"Earning a job with the City of Los Angeles can be the door to a new life for many Angelenos who just want the chance to serve and to make a decent living for the families,” said Assemblymember Goldberg. “We just need to make sure that door is open to everyone."

The directive will also be supported by a new Local Hire Task Force – a partnership between the City and a broad range of nonprofit stakeholders designed to conduct outreach and connect underemployed Angelenos to City job opportunities. Members of the task force include ACCE, NAN, Power, SCOPE, The Row Church, Food and Water Watch, Watts Gang Task Force, CARECEN, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Community Coalition, CLUE-LA, Inner City Struggle, Churches for Action, Southern Christian Leadership Council, the L.A. Black Worker Center and SEIU.

"This historic service and workforce restoration program is a model of what can be accomplished when labor, community, Mayor Garcetti and the City Council all work in partnership to forge visionary and smart solutions that meet Los Angeles’ needs,” said Cheryl Parisi, Chair of the Coalition of City Unions. “The program creates thousands of good jobs and new training and hiring opportunities for the community, at the same time that it restores and strengthens the vital services — from tree trimming to crossing guards to 911 dispatchers and others — that residents deserve.”

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