Under the leadership of Mayor Garcetti, the City of Los Angeles has taken bold steps to protect renters before and during the pandemic.

Learn more about the lived experience of Angelenos facing housing insecurity and how the City is helping in the Mayor’s Office of City Homelenssness Intiative’s recent report.

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Struggling to Stay Housed 2021 Report

Renter Protections. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles was the first city in the nation to introduce emergency renter protections and freeze rent increases on the City’s more than 600,000 rent stabilized units.

Prior to the pandemic, Mayor Garcetti worked to aggressively address the affordability crisis by strengthening the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), signing a new law that helps prevent displacement, expanding relocation services, and requiring landlords who tear down rent controlled units to replace them one-for-one with affordable units. The Mayor’s Office also launched a comprehensive RSO Awareness Campaign, HomeForLARenters.org, which targets L.A.’s most vulnerable neighborhoods to make detailed information on rent stabilization status more accessible, resulting in a 30% increase in support for tenant complaint cases and a 151% increase in relocation assistance.

The Mayor also signed into law the City’s first-ever Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance.

Eviction Defense. Under Mayor Garcetti, the City of Los Angeles has invested more than $10 million into eviction defense, developing an unprecedented partnership with local legal service providers, community-based organizations, and L.A. County to offer comprehensive services through Stay Housed LA.

This initiative aims to promote housing stability for low-income renters and reduce inflow into homelessness by providing know-your-rights education, case management, and free legal services to vulnerable renters.

Emergency Rental Assistance. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Los Angeles has been a national leader on providing emergency rental assistance to renters and landlords. In 2020, the City led the largest emergency assistance program in the nation, allocating nearly $100 million in discretionary funds to more than 49,000 households. This effort helped pave the way for federal investments in emergency rental assistance.

The City is working collaboratively with State and Federal partners to disperse additional rental assistance to more than 70,000 households and counting. The City is directly distributing $235.5 million from the first round of federal assistance, and Mayor Garcetti recently announced a deal with the State that allows Angelenos to tap into the State’s $5.2 billion in emergency rental relief funds to ensure that all renters and landlords who are eligible for the relief will receive it.

Emergency rental assistance – along with renter protections – are key to keeping Angelenos stably housed, and helping households avoid the trauma of eviction and homelessness.