As we build new housing across Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti is focused on supporting communities of color and working class people who have historically been shut out of the American dream. Delivering equity and opportunity, and ensuring that all Angelenos can live comfortably and affordably, is central to all of the Garcetti administration’s work. That’s why the City is strengthening tenants rights and building a social safety net that keeps vulnerable people from falling into homelessness.


Affordable Housing Linkage Fee

In 2017, Mayor Garcetti signed into law the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee, which will help Los Angeles double its preservation and production of affordable housing, put incentives in place for more mixed-income developments, and create more than 900 good-paying jobs for Angelenos every year. After its full implementation, the fee is expected to generate $100 million for affordable housing construction. The fee gives developers a choice: include affordable units in your new buildings or pay to build affordable housing elsewhere. As of April 2020, the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee has generated nearly $23 million for the construction and preservation of affordable housing.

Removing Regulatory Barriers

The Garcetti administration is keenly focused on removing regulatory barriers that stand in the way of new affordable and supportive housing developments. That’s why he signed the Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance, which will help shrink the pre-development timeline for supportive housing developments from five years to less than one — by creating a streamlined planning process and removing regulatory barriers that have historically impeded the approval and construction of supportive housing.

The Mayor also directed City departments to expedite case processing for housing developments in which more than 20% of units are affordable through Executive Directive 13.

Raising Funds for Affordable Housing

The Mayor has leveraged tens of billions of dollars for the construction of affordable housing through Proposition HHH, Measure H, SB2, Propositions 1 and 2, and California’s Cap and Trade program. We’ve also piloted innovative preservation programs and reinstated our moderate income homeownership program to combat displacement in hot-market neighborhoods. We’ve expanded pre-development loan programs to help mission-driven developers acquire sites for affordable housing, and are developing housing on more than 50 city-owned parcels.

GOAL 2: Build and Preserve 15,000 Affordable Housing Units by 2021:
Progress: On Track

July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2019

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