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"Resilience is a value that guides everything we do in Los Angeles, because we know that the decisions we make today will shape the future our children and grandchildren will inherit. The Resilient Los Angeles plan will help us strengthen our infrastructure, protect our economy, make our institutions more inclusive, and create safer neighborhoods." - Mayor Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles has always been a global destination for dreamers, doers, thinkers, and creators. Yet this dream comes with the responsibility to address our vulnerabilities - from threats posed by climate change to aging infrastructure. Here in Los Angeles, resilience is not a policy but rather a value guiding all of our work. While we continue to fortify our City for the challenges ahead, we can - and must - do more. That’s why we wrote Resilient Los Angeles.

Resilient Los Angeles is a commitment to a thriving future for all Angelenos and lays the groundwork for our collective action. It seeks to move this dialogue forward and invites all Angelenos and potential partners to join in the discussion as we work together to build a safer, more prosperous city. 


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Resilient Los Angeles At A Glance

Resilient Angeleno: Financial Security, Strong Social Network, Health and Well-Being, Be PreparedLos Angeles was selected as an inaugural member of the 100 Resilient Cities Network in 2013. Since then, Angelenos have come together to develop Resilient Los Angeles, a strategy by and for Angelenos that leverages the city’s strengths and advances new partnerships in order to prepare Los Angeles to address current and future challenges.

To create this document, the City conducted in-depth research and analysis on the challenges we face as a city and incorporated input from community members, City staff, and subject matter experts. Chief Resilience Officer Marissa Aho, AICP spearheaded a collaborative effort to engage stakeholders across City departments, community organizations, and partners in the nonprofit, academic, and philanthropic sectors.

Aho and her team reached out to Angelenos through various surveys, meetings with key advisory groups comprised of City staff, discussions with external focus groups, and one-on-one meetings with community members. The team evaluated shocks and stresses facing Los Angeles, analyzed perceptions of resilience, and identified the best practices to combat potential challenges. In all, hundreds of stakeholders across the city contributed to this process.

Plan Organization
Resilient Los Angeles includes 4 chapters, 15 goals, and 96 actions for Angelenos, neighborhoods, the City, and our partners to implement.

The 4 chapters are organized around key themes at different scales of impact. By creating a pathway that recognizes roles across various scales of governance, planning and action, we ensure our collective work is connected — providing opportunities for information sharing and collaboration.

4 Chapter, 15 Goals: Resilient L.A. is a call to action for every Angeleno to contribute to the resilience of our city at every scale. Safe and Thriving Angelenos
We’re building the capacity of individual families and businesses — both to prepare for and recover from emergency events, and build long-term financial security. We’re also seeking to cultivate and grow L.A.’s future leadership, by partnering with young Angelenos to advance equity and stewardship in our communities.

Strong and Connected Neighborhoods
When disaster strikes, we know that recovery starts in our local communities and networks — and we need to further empower and engage our neighborhood organizations to foster local resilience and social cohesion. These local networks also play a critical role in climate adaptation for our most vulnerable communities. We’re also taking action to reduce local health and wellness disparities while increasing economic security for all Angelenos.  

Prepared and Responsive City
We are setting measurable goals to build our City’s leadership in resilience, integrating tools and technology to prioritize our most vulnerable in decision-making, and fostering faster and more efficient disaster preparedness and recovery. We’re also modernizing our city’s aging infrastructure for the future, and developing ways to provide more safe and affordable housing to improve economic security of Angelenos.

Pioneering and Collaborative Partner
Our work doesn’t stop at our city’s borders. We recognize the role we play globally, as part of the 100 Resilient Cities network, and the leadership we can provide to our region and beyond. We will continue to uphold principles of climate resilience as a city, and will engage our public, private and philanthropic leadership to be a model through advocacy, infrastructure investment, and partnerships.

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