Below you will find helpful links to climate education materials and green jobs opportunities. 

Educational Resources

L.A.’s Green New Deal Neighborhood Council Toolkit

Learn about resources, rebate programs, and easy ways to make a positive impact in your community. 


Toolbox for Teaching Climate and Energy

A guide to help teachers make and plan climate lessons for any grade or subject. It includes many external links to help teachers educate themselves and their students about climate change.


Climate Generation Curriculum

Climate Generation offers a variety of climate curriculum for all subjects ranging from grades 3-12. They are in-depth lesson plans with a guide book, worksheets, student activities,  and online connections to further learning. They are completely free for teachers to download.


Climate Chaos

A week of activities about climate change for ages 9 – 11. Ideal for a week in the summer or you can pick and choose from the resources available, tailoring the work to your particular needs. These materials provide an overview of the causes and consequences of climate change and help teachers to explore its impact. Each lesson outlines the materials, class time needed, and prep time for teachers in an easy-to-follow format. 


Purdue University Food Waste Curriculums  

A website that offers multiple lesson plans, highlighting the food waste crisis in America. The plans provide vocabulary sheets and lesson plans, as well as assessments for students. It also includes a variety of interactive activities and emphasizes hands-on learning. The curriculums are structured for K-5 graders. 


Zinn Education Projects: Teach Climate Justice

 The Zinn Education Project has launched a campaign, “Teach Climate Justice,” that examines the question: How do we teach the climate crisis in a way that also confronts racism, economic inequality, misogyny, militarism, xenophobia, and that imagines the kind of world that we would like to live in? Zinn Education Projects offers classroom-tested lessons, workshops for educators, and a sample school board climate justice resolution. It has some lessons for elementary and middle school students but has more resources for upper-grade levels.


5 Gyres Climate Plans 

A free curriculum designed for all grades that focuses on plastic pollution and its effects on our marine ecosystems. The PowerPoint and video structure offers a visual component that makes lessons engaging for students and a hands-off teaching component for teachers. This curriculum is great for substitute teachers as a 5 Gyres plastic expert recorded the lessons, which are on YouTube. 5 Gyres also offers lessons in Spanish. 


Our Climate our Future  

A set of animated videos that teach the science behind climate change and show all the possible solutions. To obtain the videos and lesson plans the teacher needs to sign up but there is an abundance of material and engaging videos for students. 


Climate and Energy Education Resource Collection by Clean

A compilation of resources that can be used to teach climate education. It is very easy to find resources for the grade you teach because you can search and filter the type of resources you want. There are animations to engage students and an abundance of resources for each lesson so teachers have a wide selection of resources. 


Climate Kids by NASA 

NASA’s Climate Kids website brings climate science to life with fun games, interactive features, and exciting articles.


Climate Change Lessons: JPL education 

This collection of climate change lessons and activities for grades K-12 is aligned with Next Generation Science and Common Core Math Standards and incorporates NASA missions and science along with current events and research. The problem sets provide real-world examples of how to utilize math concepts in fun and engaging scenarios. 


Tree People Tool Kits 

Provide interactive hands-on lessons and projects for students to understand the fundamental components of climate change and our surrounding environment. The in-depth guide books provide a step by step for conservation projects that offer a visual component to the learning process. 


California Education and Environmental Initiative 

Free science curriculum for k-12 students that is state-sponsored by the Common Core. 


NOAA: Teaching Climate 

A website filled with resources for climate teaching. It has an easy search filter that allows you to filter by grade level and look up subjects you are interested in teaching. It also includes many youth engagement opportunities and youth case studies to get students involved outside of school. It also has professional development resources for teachers who want to learn how to teach about climate science.


Heal the Bay Educational Initiatives 

A website that contains a multitude of educational opportunities for all grades interested in marine ecosystems. 


Marine Educational Curriculum 

A PDF curriculum for students grades 3-8. Certified by the California Science Content Standards,  this document provides interactive activities and educational material on marine ecosystems. The detailed PDF provides the prep time for teachers, a detailed outline of the structure during class, and materials needed to guide a successful class. 



Created by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this website provides hundreds of free online educational resources, including many on the environment.  It also offers professional development for teachers. Each lesson has in-depth materials for teachers and handouts for students to complete. 


Google: Your Plan, Your Planet 

This is an interactive website that teaches grades 5-8 about sustainability and their impact on the environment. It teaches students how to reduce food, water, and energy waste, and learn about the Circular Economy to extend the life of their belongings.


Stanford Climate Change Education 

This resource provides educators with a detailed curriculum for middle and high school students.  It addresses the fundamental issues of climate science, and the impacts of climate change on society and includes global resources and mitigation and adaptation strategies. The project documents in detail the full circle of curriculum development, teacher professional development, classroom implementation, analysis of student achievement data, and curriculum revision. 


High School Sustainability Guide

The High School Sustainability Guide gives students the tools to measure and analyze their school’s environmental impact.


Green Job Search Engines

Cleantech Rising 

Cleantech rising helps job searchers find positions in the cleantech space. 


Green Job Board

The Green Job Board is a search engine that houses green job requisitions for major entities like the World Wildlife Fund, the National Resources Defense Council, and more. 

Environmental Career Opportunities

A compilation of environmental jobs available in all 50 states. This list includes internships and youth opportunities, as well.


The US Green Building Council Los Angeles (USGBC LA)

USGBC LA is perfect for job seekers who know they want to live and work in L.A.


Green Non-Profits

National Resource Defense Fund (NRDC)

With an office in Santa Monica, CA, NRDC’s mission is to “safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.” They work at the intersection of science, policy, and advocacy to make positive environmental changes.


Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants

TPF is a nonprofit native plants nursery and knowledge center that works to educate Angelenos about the importance of planting native while providing the plants and resources to do so. They operate 22 acres of land in the San Fernando Valley full of native plants and wildlife, do outreach to schools and communities, and continually advocate for sustainable landscaping.



EarthJustice is a nonprofit environmental law organization. They have 14 offices around the country, with one in L.A., and they exist to protect the earth in the courtroom.


Heal the Bay

Heal the Bay, based in Santa Monica, CA, protects and heals the coastal waters. The organization hosts beach cleanups, works with the city on policy, and has been an active member in the communities it serves since its founding 26 years ago.


LA Conservation Corps

The LA Conservation Corps is a youth development organization that gives young people experience in conservation projects like tree planting initiatives, hike refurbishing, and city beautification.



Green Conferences and Events ClimateTech job fair

Season: Spring hosts a climate tech job fair that includes dozens of organizations seeking candidates and 1:1 sessions between attendees and representatives from top climate tech companies.


National Wildlife Federation Eco Careers Conference

Season: Spring

According to their website, the conference “prepares students and young professionals for wildlife and sustainability careers by providing information on the latest EcoCareer trends from leading analysts and employers”


International Conference on Climate, Environment, and Biosciences

Season: Spring

This conference is academically focused and aims to connect leading scholars advancing climate research, biosciences, and more. This is an intentionally interdisciplinary forum for all researchers and educators interested in solutions to the climate emergency.