Anyone can get involved in the fight against climate change. Below is a list of volunteer and climate activism opportunities for young people, as well as examples of direct action from young people across Los Angeles. Together we can do this! 

Volunteer Opportunities


Donation center to help recycle and repurpose baby clothes. 


Friends of the LA River

Volunteer organization to help restore and revitalize the Los Angeles River. 


Food Forward 

A food justice nonprofit that reduces food waste from wholesale providers and farmers markets.


Good Clothes Good People 

A nonprofit organization providing clothes, snaization products, and hygiene supplies for students. 


Heal The Bay

A nonprofit that works with our coastlines to clean up the beaches through the help of volunteers.  


LA Mission 

Works to eliminate homelessness in Los Angeles and provide stable homes for the most vulnerable. 



An organization that encourages individuals to write online letters to officials demanding climate justice. 


Sierra Club 

A nonprofit that restores ecosystems to improve our local environments. 



A marine conservation organization committed to restoring and protecting our marine ecosystems. 



A nonprofit that works in Los Angeles to restore and rehabilitate ecosystems through hands-on volunteer work.


One Up Action

A youth-led nonprofit highlighting the opportunities to implement sustainable initiatives within local communities. 

Fellowship Opportunities


Work with local government to address emerging environmental and social equity resilience challenges such as climate change, water resource management, affordable housing, and mobility.


Fuse Fellowship

Work with local government and lead strategic projects on a variety of issues including climate resilience and green infrastructure. 


Angeleno Corp

Offers paid hands-on work experience and educational support for 18-24 year olds living in Los Angeles.


LA Climate Corp

Opportunities for young adults throughout Los Angeles who are out-of-work and out-of-school to work on green community projects. 


California Conservation Corp

A unique and challenging paid experience for young adults to work on environmentally focused projects and emergency response help make California an even better place to live, work, and play

Climate Activism

Stand Together Against Neighborhood Drilling Los Angeles (STAND L.A.)

STAND L.A. is a coalition of neighborhood groups in Los Angeles that work together to end neighborhood drilling. Los Angeles has large supplies of oil, and many drills are located near schools, homes, and public recreation centers in lower-income neighborhoods. STAND L.A  advocates with and for community members affected by such sites by arguing that the drills are a public health and safety issue. A recent success includes the closure of the Jefferson Oil Drill near USC.


East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice (EYCEJ)

EYCEJ is an environmental health and justice non-profit organization working towards a safe and healthy environment for communities that are disproportionately suffering from the negative impacts of industrial pollution. Through grassroots organizing and leadership building skills, EYCEJ works to enable underrepresented communities to be heard, which in turn influences policy changes that can institute environmental justice platforms that are in the best interest of local, regional, and statewide residents.


Food and Water Watch California

Food & Water Watch’s California team works to end fracking and oil & gas drilling. With grassroots organizing, they also aim to protect water, food, and to move California away from fossil fuel reliance.


SoCal 350

SoCal 350 Climate Action connects local and global communities to battle climate change and push for a fossil-fuel-free world, all while keeping people employed.


Sunrise Movement Los Angeles Youth

The LA Sunrise hub helps establish middle and high school hubs,  provide a space for youth climate activists to both enjoy a like-minded community, and to advocate for national leaders who will make climate change a priority.