The Angeleno Connectivity Trust provides free internet service to students in Los Angeles who are struggling to stay connected online to classes and essential support services.

While the school district works to meet its responsibility to keep students engaged during the pandemic, Mayor Garcetti has led efforts to keep Angelenos safe and healthy. Through investment and partnerships, the City is addressing Angelenos’ basic needs, and moving us closer to the day when students can safely return to their classrooms. 

In addition to providing free COVID testing and helping to cover rent and other necessities for people hit hard by the economic downturn, the City has opened alternative learning centers for families in need and is providing free Internet access at public housing sites.

Still, the demands of distance learning have placed an enormous burden on young people and families in Los Angeles with the fewest resources — and the impact on their education is undeniable. Mayor Eric Garcetti in coordination with T-Mobile through its Project 10Million, the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, and several community-based organizations, are helping to meet the challenge of internet access with the Angeleno Connectivity Trust (ACT): an extraordinary $14 million initiative aimed at providing 100 GB per year of free Internet access for up to 18,000 students for the next five years.

This program is focused on students experiencing homelessness, children in foster care, young people with disabilities, at-risk youth, and those who may have dropped out of school or cannot attend due to lack of technological resources. Students must be in a K-12 program, and ACT partners include the City’s YouthSource and FamilySource Centers, Los Angeles Public Library, and through community organizations like LAUSD, School on Wheels, Brotherhood Crusade, Coalition for Responsible Community Development, and North Valley Caring Services. This program amplifies the work that LAUSD has done to connect students and aims to reach beyond students outside of LAUSD. This is a sponsored project of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles.

Parents, guardians, and foster parents can find more information by dialing 3-1-1, contacting a local YouthSource or FamilySource Center, or going to


This program serves K-12 students and youth who are:

  • Living in or attending school in the City of Los Angeles OR receiving services from any one or more of our ACT partners, including, but not limited to:
    • City of Los Angeles YouthSource Centers
    • City of Los Angeles FamilySource Centers
    • Brotherhood Crusade
    • Coalition for Responsible Community Development
    • North Valley Caring Services
    • School on Wheels
  • AND ALSO meet at least one of the following:
    • Homeless or residing in a City or County shelter or Project Roomkey OR
    • In foster care OR
    • A student with a disability OR
    • A student who has dropped out of school or is having trouble staying in school this year at least in part to lack of internet connectivity
  • AND have not already received a T-Mobile (Project 10 Million) hotspot provided by LAUSD

Students who qualify can contact the ACT partner they are working with to get connected. Those who don’t have a partner organization can contact their nearest YouthSource Center,  FamilySource Center or City of L.A. Public Library and ask to be part of the Angeleno Connectivity Trust.

Students who don’t meet the qualifications, but still need free or low-cost internet can visit Get Connected Los Angeles or call 3-1-1 to learn about available options.

Details of Internet Connectivity

  • The student will be provided a T-Mobile wifi hotspot at one of the partner organizations or at their local City of Los Angeles Public Library
  • These devices provide free access to the internet through a wireless (wi-fi) signal
  • There is a limit of 100 Gigabytes per year for each device
  • The devices have 5 years of support