The L.A. Climate Stories project is meant to offer a place for Angelenos to tell their climate story and for people around the world to hear and be inspired by them. We often read about climate change factually or statistically, but we don’t hear the lived experience of the climate crisis. This project underscores the urgency of this moment through the voices of those most affected. Listen, share, and be heard.

If you are interested in telling your story, please follow the instructions in this guide. If you have any questions, please email the Mayor’s Youth Council for Climate Action at sustainability@lacity.org. 

Watch MYCCA Members Climate Story Compilation Video

Tell Your Story

There is no wrong way to tell a climate story and you’re the best person to tell your own. Your story could take the form of a poem, song, or simple narrative.

Every story should be focused on the central theme of this project, feel free to use any of these questions to brainstorm what you’ll say before you write your story:

  1. How has climate change affected my life and/or my community? In what ways has my life changed due to climate change?
  2. Have I had any recent conversations about the weather, city greenery, the oceans, air quality, or another part of my community that relates to climate change? Is there any content from those conversations that I could include in my climate story?
  3. What actions have I taken to address climate change in my life (ex. having to purchase an AC unit due to rising temperatures) or in my community (ex. going to a community climate strike)?
  4. How does thinking about and experiencing climate change feel? What emotions does it bring up?
  5. Who do I think is responsible for addressing climate change? Do I think that whoever is responsible is properly handling the climate? What vision do I have for the future of my life, my community, and the world?
  6. How do I feel about my environment? Are there any spots that have a special place in my heart? Have those places been affected by climate change? If so, how does that make me feel?
  7. What do I want my climate story to accomplish? Who do I want to listen to my climate story and what do I want to tell them?

After taking time to think about your experiences with climate change, try writing down important points you want to touch on in your story. Use first-person ‘I’ language and feel free to jot down a story arc to follow or talk to yourself or a friend to flesh it out. Lastly, remember that your story is valid and deserves to be heard. It doesn’t have to be bold or dramatic; it just has to be real and important to you.

After writing your story, you can submit it here. It will be reviewed and then published on the Mayor’s Youth Council for Climate Action website. If you have any questions, please email the Mayor’s Youth Council for Climate Action at sustainability@lacity.org.

Submit your story

For more information on how L.A. is addressing climate change, please visit Mayor Garcetti’s Office of Sustainability website.